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Open WODs will be Fridays

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Ski Conditioning!

Oct 2nd-Nov 22nd

8 Weeks



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Fall Class Changes

Oct 2nd - Nov 22nd

Wednesday night CrossFit 6:30-7:30pm

Friday night Team WOD 6:30-7:30pm


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10-11am with Rachel



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We moved to Tabernash!

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Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Warm up: 3 rds 
10 Wall balls
10 MB sit ups
Barbell warm up

Strength: Snatch (55-60%)
1 Hang power snatch (3rd position)
1 Snatch drop
1 Snatch balance
10 rds on the min

Wod: 21-15-9
Thruster (95/65)

Cash out: Mobility


Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Warm up: 2 min double unders
Barbell warm up

Strength: Cleans
1 clean every time Sting says Roxanne

Wod: 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
KB Swings (32/24)
Sit ups
Box Jumps

Cash out: Tabata L-Hangs


Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Warm up:3 rds 
10 wall balls
10 med ball sit ups
10 Shoulder touches

Strength: Front squats
3 rds 10 reps (90% 5rm)

Wod: 8 min AMRAP
10 Front squats (55% 3rm)
10 Ring Push ups

Cash out: Ring tricks


Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Warm up: Row 500
1/2 Tabata Double unders
1/2 tabata KB swings

Strength: Push press
3 rds 10 reps (90-100% 5rm press)  

Wod: 5 rds
10 Shoulder 2 Over head (135/95)
10 T2B

Cash out: Tabata Hollow rock/Superman


Friday, September 20th, 2019

Warm: 800m run - to RR Tracks and Back

Wod: 2 person teams
5 stations
75 Box jumps
10 Push Press (95/65)

75 Cal Row
10 Wall Balls

75 Burpees
10 Sit ups

75 OH walking lunges
10 Double unders

75 Cal Double pole 
10 SDHP (95/65)

Move to the next station when the team finishes the 75 reps.
Alternate every time a partner finishes the 10 reps.

Cash out: Mobility