Sunday Yoga

Sunday yoga at the gym has been paused for fitness in the park for the summer season.


TEEN Conditioning Series this summer

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Ski Conditioning Coming this Fall

Programing to get you ready for Skiing and Snowboarding

More details coming soon...

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We moved to Tabernash!

60 GCR 820 #4, next to WP Auto






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Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Warm up: 10 right hand swings
               10 left hand swings
               10 two hand swings
               10 figure eights with a squat
               10 thumpers
               10 rotation sit ups each direction
               10 quarter get ups each side

Strength: 3 rds max pull ups on the 2 min
30 sec supermans during the rest

Wod: 5 rds 
30 sec Dead Lifts (255/165)
30 sec rest
30 sec Box jumps
30 sec rest
30 sec push ups
30 sec rest

Cash out: Hand stand walks


Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Warm up: Barbell

Strength: Snatch
2 rds 3 reps@65%, 3 rds 3 reps@75% on the 90 sec interval

Wod: 10-9-8...1
Power snatch (115/75)

Cash out: 1/2 Tabata L-Sits
Alternate with a partner


Monday, August 5th, 2019

Warm up: Row 500
1/2 Tabata KB swings
2 min jump rope

Strength: Back squats
4rds 5reps @ 90% of 5rm
10 min to get a 5rm

Wod: Annie
Double unders
Sit ups

Cash out: Muscle up practice


SatURDAY, August 3rd, 2019

Warm up: Barbell warm up

Strength: Push Press 
4 rds 5 reps @90% of your 1RM
15 min to get your 1RM

Wod: Death by Thruster (115/75)
1 Thruster on the 1st min
2 Thruster on the 2nd min
......continue until you can't complete the reps in the min. 

Cash out:Tabata L-Sits
Alternate with a partner


Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Warm up: Group Agility

Wod: 2 person teams
2 rds
3 min max Tire flips
30 sec rest
3 min max Rope climbs
30 sec rest
3 min max Tire jumps
30 sec rest
3 min max Med Ball Sit ups
30 sec rest
3 min max Farmer carries
30 sec rest
Only 1 teammate can work at a time

Cash out: Mobility