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WOD Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buy In: No RS today, instead we will do the following KB warm up:

  1 min Swings
  1 min 1 foot circles
  1 min figure 8
  1 min 1 foot circles
  1 min stiff deadlift
  4 each side Turkish Get up

WOD:  5 rounds
  15 box jumps
  15 Thrusters (45/65)
  150 m run

Cash Out: Oly Work,  3 rounds - increase weight each round if possible:

 3 hang clean + 1 push press
 3 below knees clean + 1 push jerk
 3 power clean + 1 split jerk


WOD: 10 min AMRAP
          8 burpees
          4 box kip pull ups
          8 dips


WOD Tuesday, February 23, 2010

By In: RS

WOD: 21-15-9 for time,

Power Clean 135/85

Cash Out:
Tabata Thumpers


WOD Monday, February 22, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD:  Count total reps

10 min Hand stand push ups

5 min squats

2 min pull ups

1 min push ups

Cash Out:  PNF Stretch


WOD: 5 rds for time
          10 press
          10 kb swings
          10 sit ups


WOD Friday, February 19, 2010

Buy In: RS

6 rounds of:

1 minute of squats
1 minute of rest/pullups

Pick the number of squats that you are going to do in a minute. You have one minute to do that number. However many reps of squats you don't get done in the first minute, you have to make up in the second minute, only the reps are pullups. There is no rest between rounds.

Let's say that I can do 53 squats in one minute. The number that I will need to hold in this workout is 50 reps. So for the first round, I do 50 squats. The second minute I get to rest. The third minute I only get 48 squats completed. In the fourth minute I have to do 2 pullups. The fifth minute I only get 44 squats. The sixth minute I have to do 6 pullups. Etc..... The number that you pick should just under the max number of squats that you can do in a minute.

If you fail to hit your "number" in a round, your score drops to the new number (total of squats plus pull-ups you actually completed). At the end, your score is the worst round that you completed, squats + pull-ups.

Cash Out: Hand Stand Push-ups against the wall. Use as many pads stacked up as required, but kick up to the wall and do the HPSU as deep as possible. Note your pad (target) height for next time.


WOD Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: For Time, 2 Rounds of:
          20 1 arm/leg KB DL Right (16kg/12kg)
          20 1 arm/leg KB PP Left
          Run 275
          20 1 arm/leg KB DL Left
          20 1 arm/leg KB PP Right
          Run 275
(use same arm/leg, not opposites)
last done 11/24/09

Cash Out: Parallette Work - 4 max L Sit Progression holds