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Open WODs will be Fridays

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Ski Conditioning!

Oct 2nd-Nov 22nd

8 Weeks



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Fall Class Changes

Oct 2nd - Nov 22nd

Wednesday night CrossFit 6:30-7:30pm

Friday night Team WOD 6:30-7:30pm


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We moved to Tabernash!

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WOD Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: 6 stations, 1 round of 2 min on / 2 min off:

Thumpers (24kg/16kg)
Double Pole (calories)
Box Jumps (24"/20")
Knees to Elbows
Row (calories)
Wall Ball (15#/10#)

Start at any station. Clock will beep every 2 minutes.

Cash Out: Stretch


WOD Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: Deadlift 10-5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1-1
look back at 1/6

Cash Out: Double Under Practice (50 reps or attempts) & PNF


WOD Monday, February 15, 2010

Buy In: RS
Drill movements with WPVC


For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo deadlift high pulls
20 Push jerks
20 Overhead squats
20 Front squats

Bar is 75#/45#. Each athlete must do four burpees at the beginning of every minute before moving on to the barbell work. The athlete is allowed to move to the next barbell skill once an he/she has completed all 20 reps. If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their four burpees. There is a 20min cap.

Cash Out: Check RS levels


WOD Friday, February 12, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: AMRAP Count Down

7 min AMRAP

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP

2 min rest

3 min AMRAP

8 Knees to Elbows

10 Push-ups

12 Hurdle Jumps (24/20)

Cash Out: Choose either row or double pole, 500m for time.


WOD Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: AMRAP 20 min:

       12 Deadlifts
        9 Hang Power Cleans
        6 Push Jerks

All with same bar, 95#/65#

Cash Out: PNF