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WOD Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buy In: RS

WOD: for time, "Out and Back":

       50 double unders
       10 power snatch (75#/45#)
       15 pull ups
       20 kb swings (53#/35#)
       50 sit ups
       20 kb swings
       15 pull ups
       10 power snatch
       50 double unders

Cash Out: Muscle-up Progression


WOD Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buy In: RS


2 person teams 1 at a time, 7 rounds for time:
       7 Burpees
       7 Wall Balls (20#/15#)
       7 SDHP (95#/65#)

Cash out: HPSUs with a band


WOD Monday, February 8, 2010

Buy In: "RS" (see the last post, "sue wins" if you don't know what this means)

WOD: Burgener warm-up, then:

Squat Cleans

8 rounds of 3 reps on the 2 min.

We do these at the same weight for a total of 24 attempts. If you can do at least 80% successfully (no more than 4 misses in 24 attempts), it is time to move up in weight next time we do this workout. This is about repetition, consistency and fine tuning our technique. What's cool about this workout is that, as you fatigue, it is very tough to pull-off the last 3-4 rounds without really concentrating on doing everything right.

Cash Out: Tabata Push-ups


Sue wins

To recap - we needed a short name for "The Russian's Gymnastic Warm-up". We had several suggestions, but the best, and now CFTA official, moniker is "The Red Scare". We will go right to "RS" for an abreviation.

Here is Sue's explanation, for which she has earned a T shirt:

"The Red Scare: (Day 1 workout= First Red Scare    Day 2 workout=Second Red Scare)
       In United States history, the term Red Scare denotes two distinct periods of strong anti-communism: the First Red Scare, from 1917 to 1920, and the Second Red Scare, from 1947 to 1957. The Scares were characterized by the fear that communism would upset the capitalist social order in the United States; the First Red Scare was about worker revolution and political radicalism. The Second Red Scare was focused on (national and foreign) communists infiltrating the federal government.
      In Crossfit history, the First Red Scare, "Day 1", denotes the dreaded upper body pressing and lower body components;  The 2nd Red scare is, of course,  the "Day 2" workout consisting of upper body pulling and core/lower back work.  These types of scares are characterized by the fear that outsiders have concerning how Crossfitters will upset the social order in the U.S. (a fear of CrossFit  already exists in our valley, outsiders are threatened by our strength, agility and power;  they are becoming increasingly agitated over the presence of the CF Cult which is growing)."


WOD Friday, February 5, 2010

Buy In: Mobility, TRGWU

WOD:  “Baby Kalsu” (original crossfit football WOD)
Every minute on the minute:

5 Burpees
Max Wall Ball Shots (10′ target)(20 / 14)
At the top of each minute, you must stop and complete 5 Burpees before you can do any more Wall Ball Shots.
Continue until you have reached 75 Wall Ball Shots.

Scaling Options: L1) 3 Burpees each min / 75 Wall Ball Shots total. L2) 3 Burpees each min / 50 Wall Ball Shots total

Cash Out:  It's all that and a bag of Chips Intervals
4 x through
  30 sec kipping pull up (jumping if can't kip)
  30 sec push up
  30 sec abmat sit up
  30 sec air squat