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Sunday yoga at the gym has been paused for fitness in the park for the summer season.


TEEN Conditioning Series this summer

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Ski Conditioning Coming this Fall

Programing to get you ready for Skiing and Snowboarding

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We moved to Tabernash!

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WOD Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Buy In: Mobility, Group Agility Warm-up, KB Snatch practice, then:
4 minutes of KB Snatch, switch as desired.

3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps of:
Over Head Squat

The last four sets of OHS need to be at the same weight for all four sets.

Cash Out: Goat Work. Come prepared with a weakness you wish to work on.


WOD Monday, December 14, 2009

Buy In: Mobility, Med Ball Sit-ups, Burgener Warm-up, DB Snatch review

WOD: "Dead Snowblower"

     AMRAP, 18 min
       21 Dumbbell Snatch R (30#/20#)
       9 Strict Pull-ups
       21 Dumbbell Snatch L (30#/20#)
       9 Knees to Elbows

Cash Out: PNF Stretch

On-Ramp WOD

12 min AMRAP

(15) KB Swings

(12) Ball Slams

(9) Burpees


Baptism By Fire

Who shows up for a workout exactly 1 hour late? When everyone is leaving. With an innocent look on his face - "Whaddya mean there is no 7:30 WOD on Fridays?

Who does this, yet is so well loved by his community that half a dozen tired, sweaty, and hungry CrossFitters are willing to sit around and watch him complete the workout by himself.

Lumberjack 20.

Ok, he really is a well loved character, but full disclosure - there was beer, too.

Skinner deserves a huge pat on the back. He started with us just a couple of months ago, went though On-Ramp, and tonight finished a very tough workout. With good movement and a very respectable time.

Congratulations, Jeff!




WOD Friday, December 11, 2009

Buy in:J-mob

WOD: "Lumberjack 20"

Before you have a heart attack looking at the WOD, please read on: This workout is a tribute those who were lost or hurt at the recent Ft. Hood tragedy. Four members of the Lumberjack CrossFit affiliate were killed and many more were injured. There is a national effort by CrossFit affiliates to honor and raise money for those who are suffering as a result of this tragedy. Click on the above link for more details.

Normally, we prescribe weights that best fit our membership at CrossFit Thin Air. We do that really for no other reason than it means less writing for us because, on average, fewer members need to scale up or down. But in this case, we are posting the official prescription out of deference to the effort and because we know you would want to see it. All that means is that there will be more scaling (and writing) than normal.

We may modify or sub the run depending on the conditions - we are hoping for 4 feet of snow, aren't you?

20 Deadlifts (275lbs)
Run 400m
20 KB swings (2pood)
Run 400m
20 Overhead Squats (115lbs)
Run 400m
20 Burpees
Run 400m
20 Pullups (Chest to Bar)
Run 400m
20 Box jumps (24")
Run 400m
20 DB Squat Cleans (45lbs each)
Run 400m

            On Ramp
         Round 3 WOD
Band pull ups
Muscle snatch
Front squat


WOD Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buy in:j-mob
          kb warm up

strength:5-5-5 push press (from the ground)

WOD: 2 person teams 7 rds 1 person at a time
          7 wall balls
          7 box jumps
          7 db squat cleans

Cash out:PNF