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Crossfit Open WODs 

Fridays at 7am or 6pm



BOOTCAMP Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:30am with Kendra STARTING TUESDAY FEB 5TH

(45 MIN Class with optional 15 min ab workout at the end!)

YOGA Sundays 10-11am with Rachel 

YO-BOOTIE Mondays at 11am - 1/2 bootcamp, 1/2 yoga with Sue

AND.... Saturday YO-BOOTIE 8-9am with Sue


Olympic Weightlifting Class coming soon, too!


We moved to Tabernash!

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Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 am

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Boot Camp

Class times are Monday (YO-BOOTIE), Wednesday, Friday & Saturday at 11:00 am. Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00 pm.  And New YO-BOOTIE class Saturday at 8am!



Sunday 10-11am, and Yo-Bootie Mondays at 11am and Saturdays at 8am (1/2 bootcamp, 1/2 yoga)


Open Gym

Saturday 9-11 am and Sunday from 8-10 am.


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WOD 5/4/2009

Buy In: Clean Clinic

WOD: 5 rounds for time:

(10) Supermans

(20) Sit Ups

(10) Dips

Cash Out: Accumulate 2:00 min static plank, midline series

Chuck 13:56
Brian 14:11
Sue 08:36
Adam 08:10
Jack 08:05
Maire 11:14
Laura 09:36
Leslie 09:18
Kelly 09:50
Shanna 11:50
Matt 10:40
Holly 09:15
Jenny 11:35
Cynthia 10:20

Weekend WOD 5/1/2009

Hill Repeats: Run (POSE, of course), Bike or (Jack's favorite) Hike with weight. You will need a hill that offers 4-6 minutes of "up", so take that into account. Moderately steep is fine, except for hikers with weight who will need a decent grade.

Buy In: (20) Burpees + (20) Sit Ups then an easy 15 minutes on flat to rolling terrain with (5) 15 second pickups in the last half of this warmup.

WOD: Pick a hill that offers at least 4-6 minutes of climb. You are going to do a total of (3) climbs on the same section of hill, BUT EACH TIME UP WILL BE A LITTLE FASTER THAN THE ONE BEFORE! Start the first climb from a point you will remember each time (sign post, fire hydrant, etc). Go hard on the first climb, but not TOO hard (keep reading), for 4-6 minutes until you come to another post or marker you will remember as the "top" each time. Turn around and coast or jog back down to your starting point and repeat the climb two more times. Your objective is to complete each successive climb just a little bit faster than the previous one. Each time you miss, you will do (20) Burpees at the top before coasting back down.

Cash Out: Easy warm down for at least 10 minutes, then PNF stretch hamstrings and calves while you are "hot" and at least 6 times total for the weekend. Kelly Starrett says that will get you a "C", so if you are feeling like you want A or B progression, stretch those babies even more. You will be amazed at how this will help your squat depth and your tight back, just to name a couple of markers to look for.



WOD 4/30/2009

Buy In: Mobility, then a WOD walk thru

WOD: Partner Fight Gone Bad

(2) rounds of 1 minute @ each of 5 stations, 1 min on/1 min off (partners switch)

Row (count calories on this exercise, all others count reps)

Box Jump

Push Press

Wall Ball

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Cash Out: After bacon sizzle, PNF stretch hamstrings & calves, discuss how CF fits with "everything else"

Maire 154
Adam 224
Laura 149
Jack 192
Steph 182
Deann 176
Sue 201
Darren 175
Kelly 167
Shanna 180
Jill 105

WOD 4/29/2009

Buy In: 5 minutes of Jump Rope fun with Buddy Lee

WOD: (4) Rounds for Time

(30) Push Ups

(30) Two hand KB Swings   20kg (12kg)

400m Run

Cash Out: When you finish the WOD, warm down with an easy 20 calorie row.

Chuck 20:00 jump 12kg
Adam 17:15 16kg
Jack 16:15 row 16kg
Sue 18:15 8kg
Deann 17:20 8kg
Laura 21:20 8kg
Leslie 20:00 3.6 rnds 8kg
Maire 20:00 3 rnds 8kg
Shanna 20:00 3 rnds 8kg
Kelly 20:00 3 rnds 12kg
Jill 20:00 3 rnds 8kg
Jenny 21:12 3 rnds 8kg
Darren 21:38 3 rnds 8kg
Colby 21:45 8kg
Brian 20:31 3.3 rnds 20kg
Cynthia 21:58 8kg

WOD 4/28/2009

Buy In: Todd & Boz Part 7 Mobility, correct set up for jumping pullups

WOD: AMRAP in 12 min

(10) Pullups (if you are doing assistance, we will avoid negatives)

(10R+10L) KB Thrusters

(30) Walking Lunges

Cash Out: Sumo Deadlift High Pull clinic

Leslie 4.3
Deann 5.6
Laura 3.3
Maire 3.6
Jack 4
Chuck 3.3
Adam 4
Colby 4.6
Linnea 4.6
Kelly 3.6
Shanna 3
Cynthia 6
Sue 5.6
Brian 3.3
Jean 3.6
Jenny 3.6
Kelly 4