Ski Conditioning

Oct 2nd-Nov 22nd

8 Weeks



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Oct 2nd - Nov 22nd

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Friday night Team WOD 6:30-7:30pm


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WOD 6/3/2009

Buy In: Mobility, 200m Pose warmup lap, 5 KB swings

WOD: AMRAP, 12 minutes:

200m Run

(10) KB swings

Note: Male 24kg, Female 16kg. If you sub for a lighter bell, add 2 swings for every 1 kg under the prescribed weight.

Cash Out: KB Ab Sequence


WOD 6/2/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Clean Progression Warmup

WOD: Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Cash Out: OH Bar Squat, 3 rounds of 1 min ON/1 min OFF - alt w/ partner, count total reps


WOD 6/1/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Pose Drills, 400m easy run

WOD For time, (10) rounds:

(5) pullups

(10) pushups

(10) situps

(10) squats

Cash Out: Plate Clean Drills



Weekend WOD 5/28/2009

Hey, its time to go full distance, and what could be better than the Trail Running Race at Granby Ranch on Saturday? There is a 3k, 8k or 12k version with your name on it.

If that option doesn't work for you, then do a nice 45-60 minute tempo run or bike. You should know by now how to warm up properly, but if you need a reminder, go back to last week's Weekend WOD and refresh your memory. This workout begs to be done on real terrain: Go hammer Phase One, or whatever you've got with ups, downs and everything in between.

Whether you race or just do the tempo workout, the deal is the same: Your objective is to go as hard as you can over the distance without falling apart before the finish. Simple, right? Well, here is some food for thought:

If our program is your first venture into something other than long-slow-distance training, you probably have begun to develop something you may not have had much of before: Speed. That's a good thing no doubt. But believe it or not, it makes racing a little more complicated!

The LSD athlete has but one speed and a very simple control to make it work: a switch. The switch is either "on" (plodding), or "off" (at rest). Whether the race is 13 minutes or 2 hours, it doesn't really matter, the average speed is the same.

When you begin to train more the way we have been, you not only develop a higher VO2 max (aerobic engine), but you also increase your ability to use the other two metabolic pathways (anaerobic). Now, instead of having an "on/off" switch, you have something more akin to a dial control.

Yes, you can now "dial in" a higher level of effort and a resulting higher speed. But you need to use that control judiciously. If you set the dial at 9 or 10 for a bit too long, you will pay the piper. What we're saying is that now you have to think!

So, for example, work those hills from bottom over the top. Concentrate on an effort that will take you from the bottom all the way over the top to the point where you begin to feel the effort change from up to either flat or down. If instead, you set the dial too high, and you only get to the crest of the hill before imploding, you will miss the acceleration into the flat or downhill. That is often a huge cost in time compared to the very slight adjustment you could have made by "dialing back" the speed a tad on the climb.

In short, you have the ability to go faster overall (as compared to your "old" way of training), but you also now have the ability to dig yourself a very deep hole if you don't use your head.

Hope to see you out there!



WOD 5/28/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Pullup Progression

WOD: for time, 30-20-10:

1 arm KB LCC&J (switch at will, split work evenly on ea arm)

Box Jumps

Cash Out: Bar Kips