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Weekend WOD 5/22/2009

Give yourself an hour total for this one. You can go longer, but if you do, you are doing it because you simply enjoy it, not because it is going to make you fitter.

As always, warm up on the bike, or run, for 10-15 minutes. Even though we are not doing sprint intervals today, you want to get a few pickups in the last third of your warmup, approaching 90% effort. They can and should be short, but do them. Otherwise, you are going to be "warming up" in the interval, and that doesn't make sense, does it?

We are going to do a total of (5) 3 minute intervals, with 3 minutes rest in between each one. The rest should be easy movement - don't just stand or sit, easy jog/walk or just spinning the pedals even if you are coasting back on the bike. The terrain can be anything, but look back at last week and change it up this time. You can do this on a short 3 min repetitive loop, an out and back or just an hour long trail. If you went hilly last time, do flat stuff this time, etc.

What should they feel like? Well, the best way to describe the effort is that when you are finished doing your last interval (the fifth one), and your coach jumped out from behind a bush and said, "Hang on there, don't crack that adult beverage open yet - let's do one more".... you could. It would hurt like heck, but you could pull it off. If instead, you got to the crash and burn point on your fifth (and last) interval where your time started to drop off and your legs felt like they would be a worthy target for pine beetles, then you went a bit too hard. The take away here is that next time you do these, go out just a tad easier and see if you can make those efforts more even.

Part of training intensity is learning what your body is capable of. To further complicate things, you are getting stronger and fitter as you go, so the thing you are trying to get familiar with is a moving target. But you will get there. And even if you don't execute the workout perfectly this time, you are way ahead of where you would be if you just did that same old steady paced slog for X hours.

Warm down another 15 minutes and call it good. Let's see: 15 minutes warm up, 5x3min ON with 4x3min rests in between, plus the 15 minute warm down... My math says 57 minutes - so there's your hour. Anything else is on your clock, but don't beat yourself up.

Have a great weekend.


WOD 5/21/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Jump Rope Singles, Push Jerk PVC

WOD: Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Cash Out: Tabata Situps (AbMat)

Tabatas: (* denotes even across)

Jamie 5

Lindsey 6*

Monica 6

Jack 10

Maire 7

Laura 8

Leslie 9

Cyndie 10

Karen 12

Shanna 10*

Jean 9*

Jill 9*

Sarah 11

Rachel 8

Kelly 10

Matt 11

Holly 12



WOD 5/20/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Plate Clean Drills, run/bike warm up loop


Run 560m (or bike equiv)

15 Plate Cleans

15 Push Ups

15 Plate Cleans

15 Push Ups

15 Plate Cleans

15 Push Ups

Run 560m (bike equiv)

Cash Out: Push Jerk PVC Drills

Jack   13:09

Lindsey 15:45

Rachel 17:35

Jamie 17:00

Jean 16:55

Steph 10:45

Deanne 12:10

Laura 12:19

Sue 12:04

Julia 13:05

Maire 19:06

Cyndie 14:06

Leslie 14:06

Kelly 16:17

Shanna 17:13

Jill 17:55


WOD 5/19/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Pullup Progression

WOD: Team Workout-

Seven Rounds of:

(7) Burpees

(7) Wall Ball

(7) Sumo Deadlift Highpull

Each team member completes the above exercises before the next team member does. When all members of the team have completed their exercises, that's a round. Do it six more times and call it a workout.

Cash Out: PVC Push Jerk, of course. Did we mention it is the week of the Jerk?

Don't forget to bring your bike tomorrow, if you want. Not to give the WOD away, but Dave has been doing some trail work and has a nifty "equivalent" bike/run course set up. The idea is that it should take roughly the same effort/time whether you choose to do the bike loop or the running loop.

Chuck, Monica, Jack     20:18

Jean, Jamie, Dave        22:26

Maire, Sue, Tim            16:40

Leslie, Laura, Deanne  18:07

Julia, Cyndie, Karen      17:35

Matt, Kelly, Jill               21:43

Holly, Shanna, Dave     19:32

Looks like the 7:45am gang had their coffee today.


WOD 5/18/2009

Buy In: Mobility, Push Press with PVC

WOD: AMRAP, 18 minutes:

Run 275

10 Box Jumps

10 Pullups

10R+10L KB Push Press, 53lb (35lb)

Cash Out: Push Jerk Clinic

Roger 5 35lb
Monica 3.5 18lb
Jack 5 35lb
Jean 4 18lb
Chuck 3.5 35lb
Sue 4.75 18lb
Leslie 3.25 26lb
Maire 3.75 18lb
Laura 4.25 18lb
Holly 4.5 26lb
Julie 4 18lb
Cyndie 4.25 18lb
Matt 3.5 35lb 24"box
Kelly 4 35lb
Shanna 3.75 18lb
Sarah 4 26lb
Rachel 3.75 18lb
Jenny 3.25 18lb
Jill 4 18lb