Crossfit Thin Air offers:

- Crossfit Classes

- Bootcamp classes

- Yoga

- Yo-Bootie (combo of Bootamp and Yoga)

- Personal Training

- Open Gym




CrossFit is the newest and fastest growing program in sport performance training.  Our curriculum focuses on functional fitness that incorporates everyday movements with different load capacities and time requirements.  CrossFit stimulates the body's metabolic and cardiovascular system to increase overall health.

CrossFit is a program that delivers a fitness that is, by design: broad, general, and inclusive.

Constantly varied, high intensity, combined-functional movements such as Gymnastics, sprinting, jumping rope, weightlifting, and carrying odd objects.

Designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Elements are mixed in numerous combinations to form prescribed "workouts of the day" or "WODS"

Hour long classes typically include a warm up, a skill development segment, the high intensity WOD/Strength development and a period of individual or group stretching. Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.


Boot Camp

Boot Camp consists of CrossFit Style workouts without the technical barbell movements or higher skilled gymnastics movements. This class is a great way to transition from On-Ramp into the regular CrossFit classes, while still challenging enough for experienced crossfitters.


Yoga & Yo-Bootie

Open to CFTA members and non-members alike. Yoga is a great way to improve your fitness and can help make good athletes better while improving your overall strength and flexibility. This class will combine elements of yoga, mobility and stretching working towards improving your range of motion, balance, core strength, stability and releasing tension in tight areas. Our goal is to improve performance, reduce injury potential and recover faster! No prior yoga experience needed, this is a plain and simple class set to mellow tunes.  We have a Yo-Bootie class that is 30 minutes of a Bootcamp style workout and 30 minutes of yoga - this is a really great class!


Personal Training

Personal training is an effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals. If you have a specific goal in mind like, increasing strength, improving technique, preparing for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting we can design an individualized program just for you that will ensure faster results. You will work closely with your coach/trainer to identify your fitness goals. We offer both private and semi private lessons with a personal trainer, memberships options are listed on our rates page.

BUILD SPECIFIC SKILL SETS: Want to perfect your pull up, conquer a muscle up or dial in your hand stand push ups? Private coaching sessions are a great way to focus on and strengthen specific skill sets key to improving your CrossFit ability.

SET GOALS: Look good, feel good, live healthier…all of the above. Whatever your reasons for being here we will help you identify them and reach them.

SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMING: If you are training for a specific event your coach will tailor your program to meet the needs and demands you will see in your event or sport. This will help you gain a valuable edge over your competition.


Open Gym & Olympic Weightlifting

We are working on getting our Olympic Weightlifting Program going and our coaches are in the process of getting certified.  In the meantime, you can come to Open Gym on Saturdays and Sundays. It is suitable for a variety of athletes including those who want to compete in the sport and those who want to improve two of the fundamental CrossFit movements. The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk are considered to be the origin of all barbell movements.